【Upgrade Released SW V7.6】NEXPEAK K1 Released— Car Software Update

2020-10-01 00:34:22  

   【Upgrade News】

1. NEXPEAK K1 Software Update to V7.6

2. NEXPEAK K1 PRO version has been released, the K1 PRO fully upgrade its hardware, such as tablet config.

3. Car software VW, Audi Updates to latest 2019 models. V19.5 sw version released; 

4. Car software update released Ver. 10.5 , IMMO NISSAN , support massive car key programming function for this make.

5. Improving Compatibility.


【Released Date】



【How to Upgrade】

for Application version above 6.0 , please launch check update from the app, run auto-update and finish the upgrade process.

for Application version below 6.0, please kindly email to: support@nexpeaktech.com