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NX101 Pro/ NX102/ 103 TORQUE --- for Bluetooth OBD II Code Reader NX101 Adapter   2018.10. 01    V1.6.2  Android  
NEXZSCAN NEXPEAK Bluetooth 4.2 OBDII System scanner for Android 2023.05 V6.8 Android
NX301 UPLINK Updating tools, New Gerneration Intelligent Update Software  2020.01.17  V1.9.4 Windows XP-10  
NX501  UPLINK Updating tools, New Gerneration Intelligent Update Software  2020.05.30  V2.3.8  Windows XP-10  
K1 / K2 / K3 Bug fixed in upating basic data sets, data updates 2024.05.13 V12.6 Android 7.0 or above
NSCAN NEXPEAK NSCAN App for Andoird. please search "NSCAN" for IOS Appstore 2022.08.01 V1.2 Android 7.0 or above


*** Please close anti-virus software when install the UPLINK™ software, and click ACCEPT installation of drivers file.

*** Files downloading from Pcloud is safe and easy.
*** NEXPEAK K1, K2, K3 use the same main APP NEXPEAK, the software will automatically transform to different interfaces according to your product type. Besides, K1 (Gas& Diesel cars) / K2 (Diesel trucks) supports directly upgrading to K3(Cars trucks 2 in 1) by subscription. Please contact or