NEXPEAK A203 On-board Computer Gauge



 A203 Introduction
NEXPEAK A203 OBD mini car trip computer is a small car instrument with powerful functions, which is especially suitable for vehicles without a tachometer, an engine temperature gauge and fuel consumption display functions.
NEXPEAK A203 can also display and monitor vehicle battery voltage, generator charging voltage, offering vehicle over speed alarm, high engine temperature alarm and monitoring and other functions. It even can read vehicle data streams, scan engine fault codes and offer fault code clearing functions.
Suitable for models : standard OBD-II protocol compliant petrol and diesel vehicles, especially for vehicles without a temperature gauge, tachometer and fuel consumption meter.
Function: Speed, water temperature, instantaneous fuel consumption, hour fuel consumption, brake performance testing, vehicle acceleration test, data flow function display, display color configuration, fault code scanning, fault code clearance and other functions
Early warning function: Water temperature warning, over speed warning, shift warning.
NEXPEAK A203 Function List 
1. Coolant temperature

2. Digital speed

3. Engine speed

4. Fuel consumption

5. Battery voltage

6 . Failure diagnosis

7. Brakes test


Operating voltage: 9-18V DC

Operating current: <80mA

Sleep current: <10mA

Operating temperature: -20~85 C

Product volume: 75mm*55mm*20mm


Features of product

1. Plug and play

2.Highlight LCD display

3.Automatic brightness

4.OBD destructive installation