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【Update Released SW V8.1】NEXPEAK K1 PRO Update Released

NEXPEAK K1 PRO V8.1 Upgraded Released 1. Fixed some known bugs. 2. Car software for BMW update to v21.3, bugs fixed for Mercedes W203. 3. Software basic patches update, support add diesel models, HD trucks models by subscription. 4. Software prepared for K2 diesel HD trucks/ K3 gasoline + diesel full systems scanner 5. UI upgrades

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【Upgrade Released SW V7.6】NEXPEAK K1 Released— Car Software Update

1.NEXPEAK K1 Software Update to V7.6 2.VW, Audi Updates to latest 2019 models. V19.5 sw version released; 3. IMMO NISSAN update released Ver. 10.5 ,

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NEXPEAK K1 Q&A -- Continuous Updating

Here's the Questions accumulated from our customers and summarized by our supporting team, we will continuously update this page.

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【Upgrade Released SW V7.3】NEXPEAK K1— Fix some known bugs

1. NEXPEAK K1 Software Update to V7.3 2. Fix some bugs during opening app's rights. 3. Improving translation.

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【Upgrade Released SW V7.2】NEXPEAK K1— Multilanguages added

1. NEXPEAK K1 Software Update to V7.2 2. Add languages: Portuguese & Japanese 3. Fix some Known Bugs

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【Upgrade Released SW V7.1】NEXPEAK K1—Bug Fixed Guideline***important

Important upgrade released, fixing "please check your network connection" at registry. for users under 6.0 will have this problem, please follow the instruction about how to update your scanner.

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【Upgrade Released SW V2.3.6】NEXPEAK NX501— Fixing Known Bugs and improve battery calculation

1. NEXPEAK NX501 Software Update to V2.3.6 2. Fixing known bugs. 3. Improve battery measurement accuracy

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